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After you register and complete the private consultation form, you will schedule your first consultation session with your Coach.  This will enable you to begin the process.  Make contact via phone at 404-212-1511 or text to schedule your private consultation.  Two items (a) Mission Statement and (b) Program Activities will be completed during the first session(s).

Work Sessions, Private Consultations with Coaching Monthly Meetings Guidelines for Participation

Read All Guidelines before Signing.

1.  Using the coaching guidelines provided, read all documents.  You will initially prepare tow items in writing during the private consultations with your coach.  The goal is to ensure that your:

(A) Mission Statement and your 

(B) Major Program Activities are completed satisfactorily. Homework and work sessions will be completed for all required documentation. Work sessions are usually 2 hours.

2. Your registration fee should be received in our office 7 to 14 calendar days before first meeting to begin the process. You may make payment with a check or money order. PayPal is also an option.

3. Refund Policy: Requests for refunds must be submitted in writing with all the training tools in your Instruction Package. A $150 administration fee will be deducted from requests made 10 days after the 1st private consultation work session. A $200 administrative fee will be deducted for requests made 15 calendar days after the 1st private consultation work session. No refunds on or after the 16th calendar day of the 1st work session / private consultation. 

1.  Use the registration form below.  If you choose to register online there is a transaction fee when you register via Paypal.  Contact our office before you pay online.

2.  Register via postal mail.  See individual and group rates below on registration form.

 There will be no exceptions to the guidelines in document.

 Submit the Registration Form 

1.  Complete your Private Consultation Form and submit with your registration.

2.  The Registration Form and your signature confirm your registration.

You will receive a confirmation upon receipt of your completed applications.

The dates, time and location of your Work Sessions and Private Consultations will be confirmed with your coach and the applicant. Arrive promptly and call 404-212-1511 if you are delayed

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