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Dr.  Normal Phillips, 501(c)(3) Coach/Instructor, has taught this seminar for 18 years (since 1996).  She has helped hundreds of people establish 501(c)(3) organizations.  She will enable you to understand the 501(c)(3) processes and provide very important information about establishing a tax-exempt nonprofit organization with the Secretary of State’s Office and IRS.  Upon request, she will provide a listing of funders at the federal, state and local levels and provide wisdom on how to seek funding for your organization.  Also, she has the names of professionals (e.g., CPAs) who work with tax-exempt organization, perks that only nonprofit organizations enjoy, and many other keys to success.



You will receive a Preparation Package, a workbook, IRS forms, bylaws, documents, and templates on a CD that are needed to complete the applications process before and during the scheduled consultations and the 501(c)(3) Seminar.  You will receive several samples and templates to assist you during the preparation period and at the Seminar to complete the remaining application forms. Several participants may be scheduled for the 4-hour Seminar when they have completed all of the preliminary work.

Before the first two-hour private consultations you should bring the following information in printed format. See format page below. 

  • Name of your proposed organization;
  • Mission / vision of your proposed organization;
  • Background information about yourself and your rationale and passion for starting the organization;
  • The names and addresses of 5 to 6 people who you have recruited to serve on the organization’s board of directors; and
  • Research and/or statistical data, if applicable, that support your organization, its location, need and benefit to the community that you wish to serve.
  • Submit 2 proposed dates (with projected timeframes up to 2 hours per meeting) of your preference for the private consultation. You will spend this time preparing your (a) Mission Statement in the IRS format and (b) Major Activities in a chart format before the seminar is held. The date of the Seminar will be based on individual progress that is made on these 2 items and the progress / schedules of all 501c3 participants.

Do not hesitate to contact Dr. Phillips with questions and also send her the information below via email in a first draft before your first consultation.  Her contact information is  and 404-212-1511 (mobile).


About us

Normal Phillips Ministries is a nonprofit organization dedicated to assisting our clients to live their best lives.  We offer services in counseling, anger management enrichment, life coaching, and 501(c)(3) start-up.   

Our mission

Helping you experience your new normal.

Who We Serve

  • Anyone wanting to start a nonprofit organization
  • Married Couples, Families, Individuals needing counsel
  • Anyone needing guidance with career and personal challenges