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Biblical Testimonies

One of God’s greatest gifts to mankind is a Godly Counselor. Before taking the Biblical Counseling Course February 2015 to become a Certified Biblical Counselor, I did not realize the importance of counseling. A whole new world was opened to me discovering how to provide guidance, caring & love for others God’s way. My facilitator is a unique and used an individualized approach to demonstrate the importance of Counseling. She is extremely knowledgeable of various materials which were very valuable in enabling me to set up my very own Counseling Notebook designed by my facilitator. Words cannot express my gratitude of her professionalism, genuine care and guidance the duration of this course. Thanks to her I am now a Certified Biblical Counselor.
A. Rakestraw
2015 Graduate
My facilitator was exceptional when I was one of her students in her 2013 class on biblical counseling. The course was well worth the price and quality of information and materials given. I am now the owner/ founder of a new support group Sumter Chapter POMC (parent of murdered children). Much thanks to her for facilitating each session. She passed on supplemental counseling tool to me and I have passed what I learned on to my group that has been bless. If you love Christ you want to share Him and His love with others by showing how to heal through forgiving, you should take this course. Thanks again to my facilitator for her excellent wisdom.
Rev. M. L Richardson
2009 Graduate, Parents of Murdered Children (POMC)
I had a great experience while taking the Biblical Counseling group sessions. The participants had lots of energy to learn and develop what God has for us to do. Our facilitator was great and we all enjoyed her enthusiasm, teaching and materials to make this session exciting. I highly recommend this class with her as your facilitator. I have a ministry for widows, called The Next Chapter. Check us out
M. Hollis, Director
2011 Graduate, The Next Chapter Widow's Ministry
My experience in taking the biblical counseling course with my Facilitator was one of the best things I could have ever done. This course helped me to make the decision to ultimately pursue a graduate degree to become a Christian Counselor. This course is a great foundation in becoming a biblical lay counselor as well. I would encourage anyone who knows that their calling is to counsel others take this course.
Rev. P.D. Spears
2011 Graduate, Professional Christian Counselor
I enrolled in the Biblical Counseling course on February 27, 2010 to determine if this was the direction God was really leading me to follow. It was just what I expected and more, and really provided me with the foundational training for what was in God's future for me. After completing the course and receiving a Certificate in Biblical Counseling, I was encouraged by my Course Facilitator to pursue a master's degree to become a Licensed Professional Christian (LPCC). That is exactly what I am doing. Not only that but because of this training, I am helping hundreds of women to pursue their dreams and to achieve what others may have told them that it was impossible. Thank you for your encouragement and gentle nudge that have proven to be life-changing for me. I am currently living in the Northeast and leading an international, multicultural women's organization with many nations outside of the United States.
Brenda Buris Chavis
2010 Graduate, Cheif Operating Officer COO
Women Empowered to Acheive the Impossible
We needed this course to acquire our certification in Christian Counseling. It was very in-depth. The content / curriculum covered every aspect of dealing with people experiencing challenges of a spiritual, emotional, and relational basis. Our facilitator was the best. Her supplementary materials, resource lists, sharing of her personal experiences and counseling expertise gave us an "edge" when it came to preparing for each section test and success on the final exam. We gladly recommend this course for enhancing your counseling skills and the opportunity to have our facilitator as your guide.
P & G Pringle
2009 Graduate, Astral Ministries
The Biblical Counseling course provided me with a tremendous skill set to be an effective people helper. I am able to assist in various situations and settings. This program has also given me the confidence that I need to effectively walk among people who are hurting in an objective, loving, caring and godly way. After my certification, I was accepted into a Masters in Professional Counseling Program at Liberty University. Additionally, I have been reached out to by individuals for mediation, small group couples counseling, premarital counseling, facilitating Couples’ Sunday school class as well as Couple mentoring. This course has also been a tremendous help in my personal relationships with my siblings, son, granddaughter and husband as it pertains to conflict resolution, problem solving and overall becoming a more effective communicator. Since the course, I have performed premarital counseling, marriage ceremonies, and bereavement counseling. I am now an ordained minister at my church.
Minister N. Holland
2009 Graduate

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